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 16 January 2015

Watershed: Tuesday 24 February to Monday 2 March 2015 – The Poly, Falmouth 

The beginning of a journey starting in Falmouth Docks, using Shed 53 as a studio and the start of an artistic relationship between two painters.

 The Mural, Falmouth Docks

As you look at the mural, unconventionally, the narrative starts on the far right with the cliff, industrial waterways, the Docks and the workers going about their daily business. The artists invite the audience to venture beyond the docks into the estuary and sea on the left side of the painting, highlighting the contrast between the dockyard and space – the man-made and elemental.

This exhibition at the Poly contains work in a variety of mediums created by both artists prior to the mural and since it was completed, including a short film and slideshow documenting the progression of the mural. There are similar underlying themes in Vicki’s and Juliet’s work which can be seen both in the mural and in their individual work.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday 24 February 2015, with a Private View in the evening and is open the public until Monday 2 March.

Vicki is a Falmouth painter, illustrator and teacher and obtained an MA in Authorial Illustration from Falmouth University in 2013. Juliet, originally from Hertfordshire, moved down from London to Falmouth in 2011 and graduated with an MA in Fine Art in 2012.

Vicki Gillow and Juliet Walshe started working together when they collaborated on a large mural, commissioned by A&P and Falmouth Art Gallery and installed in August 2014 at Falmouth Docks. Since completing the mural, the artists have continued to collaborate on a range of work inspired by water and the coast.

About the mural, Vicki says, “This depicts Victorian brickwork buildings, modern hangers, sheds, workers, various cranes, machinery and vessels. Road markings, railings and vehicles, in and around the docks, punctuate the space with repeated rhythms and pattern. The far left of the painting is much looser and is intended to represent the unpredictability of the weather and sea itself leading out into the open sea, beyond the shores of Falmouth.’

Juliet says, “In our many discussions, we discovered that both of us make work that has been intrinsically linked by our emotional connection with Carrick Roads, the surrounding landscape and the space beyond.”

Vicki and Juliet hope to continue collaborating and exhibiting work together in the future.


Vicky Gillow: Telephone: 07812432834

Juliet Walshe: Telephone: 07919 411397


Notes on Watershed Exhibition and the Mural, Falmouth Docks

Viewing the Mural, Falmouth Docks

As you look at the mural, unconventionally, the narrative starts on the far right with the cliff, industrial waterways, the Docks and the workers going about their daily business. The artists invite the audience to venture beyond the docks into the estuary and sea on the left side of the painting, highlighting the contrast between the dockyard and space – the man-made and elemental.

Why water?

Vicki Gillow was born and lived with her family in Feock and the estuary was her playground. The deep channel of these waters was home to ships such as the Methane Princess and SS Uganda that were moored beyond the King Harry Ferry. This area of the River Fal seemed like an elephants’ graveyard for boats waiting to be either re-commissioned or to be scrapped.  Vicki remembers being in awe of these gigantic vessels as she played on the shore of the gentle river.

Juliet Walshe spent childhood holidays in this part of Cornwall and has vivid memories of the Carrick Roads, particularly the King Harry Ferry and St Mawes. These early recollections have been an influence on her work since 2011, and she has developed a strong connection with this part of Cornwall

Why Shed?

The artists were given Shed 53 in the dockyard for their studio – a vast space, as big as an aircraft-hanger, smelling of animal feed and roosting gulls and pigeons, became their creative space. These smells, sounds and energy of the docks enveloped them as they progressed on the mural.


10 June 2014

4 Directions
4 artists interpret the landscape of Bodmin Moor

This is an exhibition of site specific work by 4 contemporary artists who are interested in collaboration and influence and is the result of studio visits, group criticisms, discussion and visits to a 4 mile walk over Bodmin Moor. The work presented at the exhibition is a mixture of paintings, sculpture, video and sound providing a snapshot of work in progress which will be on show for the evening of the Opening Event on Fri 20 June until Sun 22 June 2014.

Each artist has responded to the Bodmin landscape near the village of Minions and to the influence of the other artists through a process of making and reviewing.

CMR is open to new members. For more information on joining the group or to subscribe to receive regular news, please visit

Information on the artists:

Ron Ford is based in Penryn in Cornwall where he has lived for the last 4 years, following a long career in industry as a product designer and project manager. Ron graduated from Falmouth School of Art, Falmouth University in 2012 with an MA Fine Art Contemporary Practice. He works predominately as a landscape painter but also works with photography, video and occasionally sculpture. Ron paintings start with the original experience of the landscape which is then modified by the process of painting, past memories and the alchemic nature of the materials used.

Ron is presenting 5 paintings, which represent 5 different aspects of the circular walk, a soundscape of recordings made on Bodmin Moor, and a sculpture of found objects. Ron commented “My work is often on the edge of abstraction but in this case I have responded with a more representational approach to the moorland landscape”. Ron has incorporated new working methods gained from each of the other 3 artists. Ron’s work can be seen at

Jonathan Hayter grew up in Surrey and Berkshire, and received an art education from Berkshire College of Art and Design graduating in 1982. Although he trained initially as a Graphic Designer, his real feeling for creativity diversified after leaving education into other areas of practice including puppetry. “It was not until I came to Cornwall in 2009, that the landscape found the artist in me and I began to return to painting”.

In 2013, Jonathan had a successful exhibition, Minescapes at Heartlands, Pool, Cornwall in which he sold most of his paintings based on the post-industrial landscapes left by centuries of tin and copper mining in the area. To see more of his work please visit or email

Donna Mitchell graduated with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art Sculpture from Winchester School of Art in 1999. The same year, she was selected by the Royal College to take part in Figuring Sculpture program in conjunction with the Tate. Donna works from her studio at Visicks Yard in Devoran.

During the initial group visit to Bodmin, Donna collected a number of objects from the moor.  She has revisited the same sites to replace these objects with assemblages constructed from her belongings. Packed out clothes and bundles of bedding create statuesque towers and tightly wrapped mounds which could be also be mistaken for fly tipping or animal forms.

The work for this show will be completed in one week, on site at the CMR building.
Donna is planning to build a structure to travel to the area of the monumental granite Tors on the eastern side of Stowes Hill. It will be made with this journey in mind, although it may have to be partially disassembled to leave the building. Please contact Donna on via or

Juliet Walshe is from Hertford, Hertfordshire. She obtained a BA(Hons) in Fine Art from the Slade, London in 1991. Juliet moved to Falmouth in 2011 and graduated in 2012 from Falmouth School of Art, Falmouth University with an MA in Fine Art. She works with a variety of media, including painting, photography and video. Juliet’s objective is to record her encounters in the landscape based on sensory perceptions including sound, smell and touch, rather than just sight.

This project has three elements – video, photographs and drawing. She says: “The overall theme is about the interaction between all of us and how we have influenced one another plus our individual experiences walking through Bodmin Moor landscape, even though we all were together on the same walk. It was not my intention to merely document the visits, but I wanted to highlight particular personal points of view of each artist and then relate these somehow, to my own experience.”

The third element is a drawing on the wall using black cotton and pins. Juliet has attempted to address the scale of specific landmarks, how they appear in the space and how these change as we walk through the landscape. Please contact Juliet via

Exhibition title: 4 Directions

Location: CMR gallery, Redruth

Dates:  Opening event 20th June 6pm to 9pm. Show open on 21st and 22nd June from 11am to 4pm


Facebook event:


13  January 2014


This Wild West – 1st February – 19th March at Artopia London
Ivory House,
St Katharine Docks,
London, E1W 1LB

Artopia announces This Wild West, the inaugural exhibition to launch their London gallery. A celebration of new art with a link to Cornwall, This Wild West will feature a showcase of works by alumni of Falmouth School of Art.

Cornwall based artists Faye Dobinson, Alex Goodman, James Hankey, Alice Mahoney, Marc Messenger, Ben Sanderson, Juliet Walshe are showing alongside Jacob-Louis Beaney, Matthew Benington, Isabella Bostock, Jessica Everitt and George Morgan, graduates who are now practicing across the UK.

Artopia have selected a group of emerging artists who at some point in their practice have laid down roots in Cornwall. They now weave together personal and historical threads that stem from ambiguous places and unexpected perspectives. This Wild West delivers a diverse range of media from traditional oil paint to digital print, with no named theme or style. But, the works hold a similar sensibility: they tell a story of something wild and mysterious.

“Artopia is inspired by the bounty of creative talent developed in Cornwall and we feel it is the right time to provide a platform for these artists in London.” Eloise Wall, Co-Director of Artopia Cornwall has a history of producing cutting edge contemporary art and This Wild West, curated by Rosie Thomson-Glover, hopes to further develop this outstanding reputation.

For further information on Artopia please contact: or



About Artopia
We are a new company based in Cornwall and London. We run an arts agency in Falmouth to support and provide exposure for both emerging and established artists and also run Artopia London, our gallery.

About the artists
Please visit Artopia’s website for further information including artists statements, biographies and CVs for Artopia Artists.


Tuesday 9 October 2012
Contours Exhibition Features A Collaboration Between Two Local MA Graduates at New Street Gallery, Penzance

Juliet Walshe and Charlotte Williams would like to invite you to their Contours exhibition at The Third Room, New Street Gallery in Penzance. This exhibition marks the end of their Masters study at University College Falmouth in September and the beginning of a collaboration between the two artists.

This show will feature a series of drawings and paintings, including a new project initiated over the past two weeks. Walshe and Williams are working on a collaborative project, testing their confidence and ability to work intuitively. Each drawing has received 30 minutes of attention from each artist. This is an interesting exchange of ideas, combining landscape and conceptual art.  Walshe comments: “Although the output may appear to be different, I believe we have a similar ethos and approach to our work. This is reflected in artists we admire, best exemplified by our mutual respect for Agnes Martin and Robert Ryman.”

A selection of the 20 drawings, will be installed in The Third Room and available to buy from the gallery. The artists would like to welcome you to meet them during installation on Saturday 13 October between 2.00pm and 5.30pm and the exhibition will continue until Saturday 26 October. There is an open invitation to a celebratory evening on Saturday 20 October from 6.00 – 8.00pm.


Charlotte Williams
Charlotte Williams is a ‘Cornish Girl’. Since graduating with a Fine Art degree from University College Falmouth in 2008, she has been developing her practice in the South West as an artist / curator. Over the past year, Williams has been exploring her practice through a Masters in Curatorial Practice at University College Falmouth.

Williams discusses her concepts: “Over the past six months, I have noticed a shift in the direction and framework of my practice. I am not only concerned with the composition of my minimal drawings, but I have become obsessed with giving particular attention to the positioning of an artwork in relation to its surrounding architectural space when encouraging physical interaction.”



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